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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Customer Driven Leadership: The Accountability Scorecard (with Daniel Hammond)

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Brief Summary of Episode #235

As a former U.S. Army instructor, Daniel Hammond likes to break things, especially vulnerable business models.

So when examining the organizational transformation model Customer Driven Leadership, he set out on a mission to find its flaws.

Instead, he joined the ranks of believers, stating:

“If you are doing Customer-Driven Leadership the right way, it can’t fail because it’s self-correcting.”

Now the Managing Partner of Customer Driven Leadership LLC, Daniel joined us to discuss some excellent insights from his book, Customer Driven Leadership - Legacy Edition.

So why should self-correction be top-of-mind in leadership?

“All your customers aren’t the same,” Daniel said. “They have different needs and wants and desires.”

After all, your customers aren’t simply your most valuable asset. They’re your sounding board.

“Let them tell you, ‘Hey, you’re missing the mark,’” Daniel adds. “So when things start to shift away from you, you can be proactive.”

Proactive transformation - that’s Customer-Driven Leadership in action. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What can prevent servant leadership from taking hold (11:10)
  • Why leaders get offended when flipping the organizational chart (18:58)
  • Short-term versus long-term planning and development (26:40)

How to Connect With Daniel Hammond

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