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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Setting the Benchmark for the Customer Experience in Finance

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Brief Summary of Episode #250

At the Digital Growth Institute, we have a clear-cut definition of the customer “experience.”

Experience is the sum of well-defined systems and processes strategically mapped out, applied, and optimized over time.

Despite so many technological advancements, many financial brand customers are still frustrated by friction points in the customer experience.

So, in celebration of our 250th episode, we hop in the Digital Growth DeLorean to revisit some of our most exciting conversations around experience.

For instance, as Joey Coleman, Chief Experience Composer at Design Symphony put it, some brands rely too much on tech.

“We’ve got to be really careful how much we over-index on the automation,” he said. “We’re taking the personal touch out of it, and that’s what makes people stay.”

But as Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, LLC, pointed out, it’s not just digital encounters that matter in the Age of AI.

“The customer experience encompasses every interaction,” Dan said. “The problem is that two-thirds of consumers can’t remember the last time a brand exceeded their expectations.”

Please join us for this milestone episode as we also recall brilliant takes from Jay Baer, Brittany Hodak, Jon Picoult, and Katherine Regnier on the customer experience!

Let’s create experiences that guide people toward a brighter future - together.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The dangers of over-reliance on automation in the Age of AI (8:36)
  • How your employees are directly tied to the customer experience (27:24)
  • Humanizing banking by humanizing the customer experience (37:56)