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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Sell From the Subconscious: Removing Friction With Neuromarketing (with Roger Dooley)

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Brief Summary of Episode #297

Financial brands can seize an incredible opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction as we enter the Age of AI.

Friction points are the bane of the customer experience, but exciting neuroscientific applications that can help leaders understand their customers’ motives are gaining traction in the industry.

In this episode of our Exponential Insights series, Roger Dooley, author of the fantastic marketing books Brainfluence and Friction, shares his unique perspective on neuromarketing in finance.

As Roger pointed out, if financial leaders want to transform the customer experience, they must first transform their mode of thinking.

“Ask your frontline people, ‘What do our customers complain about?’ And listen carefully,” he said. “And then ask, ‘How can we make your job easier?’”

It’s not enough to improve your customers’ experience. By actively smoothing out your employees’ friction points, you’ll be taking care of both.

“Nobody thinks about making their employees’ jobs easier,” Roger argued. “But when you ask people, they’ll tell you those stupid things that waste their time.”

Tune in to learn how empathetic leadership can help businesses remove friction points and maximize the power of neuromarketing.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Measuring emotional variables in leadership performance (4:19)
  • Real-world examples of a frictionless customer experience (11:15)
  • Neuroscience and the pursuit of empathetic self-awareness (21:20)

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