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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

The Secret Sauce for Data and Analytics Conversions (with Jeff Sauer)

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Brief Summary of Episode #221

Data and analytics used to come with a “set it and forget it” playbook.

Marketing teams spent most of their time sorting through mountains of data rather than studying it.

“When I first started doing analytics, it was 75 to 80 percent time spent configuring,” Jeff Sauer, Founder of Data Driven U and Jeffalytics told me, “The remaining time - 20 to 25 percent - was analyzing.”

But now, optimization through automation is taking over data and analytics.

“We have the tools with automation to do 80 percent-plus analyzing, and the remaining time is spent on the technical piece,” Jeff said. “So, it’s completely flipped.”

With the sunsetting of Google’s Universal Analytics, many financial brand marketers are anxious about the switch to Google Analytics 4.

However, Jeff believes it’s a chance for a fresh start.

“Google Analytics 4 is an opportunity to do things the way you should have done it back in the day,” he said.

Rather than fear the change, we can view this as a model for calming complexity and simplifying chaos.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Where financial brands fall short in optimizing data and analytics (3:48)
  • Opportunities for automating data and analytics collection (19:02)
  • Starting SMALL in data collection and reporting (26:24)

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