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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

An Ambassador for the Brand: What’s Next for Digital Marketing? (with Jelaire Grillo)

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Brief Summary of Episode #211

Financial institutions and brands are in a technological golden age.

With this tech revolution comes significant changes in our industry.

Perhaps no other sector has seen more change over the last few years than marketing and sales.

As Jelaire Grillo, Brand Ambassador for Prosperity Home Mortgage, told me about her company’s loan officers — their transformation hasn’t been without speedbumps.

They haven't had a chance to stop and catch up. 

Three years later, the market's still crazy, and they're still pretty busy, but it's a different kind of busy.

Fortunately, her company has contingencies to help its people navigate the complexities of change.

Jelaire explained that they are finding ways to use technology to overcome the challenges presented to them. 

By identifying redundancies to streamline their operations they’re able to identify where roadblocks are occurring and how managers can come in and support the loan officers.

Integrating digital resources like automation is one way to boost a marketing team. 

But as Jelaire suggested, automation is a tool - not a replacement for the human connection.

Remember, people aren’t doing business with your computers. They’re doing business with you.

After all, digital transformation only happens if we empower the people behind it.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Advancements in marketing technology over the last few years (5:18)
  • How collaboration with certain tech has changed the game (12:36)
  • Automation and its role in marketing and sales (22:08)

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