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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

No Point B: Exponential Change, Unlearning Old Habits, and Self-Reflection (with Caleb Gardner)

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Brief Summary of Episode #286

Exponential change continues to pick up its pace in the digital landscape as regenerative AI dominates industry talking points.

Now that the ChatGPT genie is out of the bottle, how much more change will financial leaders need to embrace moving forward?

Caleb Gardner, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 18 Coffees and author of No Point B, thinks that as our access to information expands, so will digital innovation.

“We’ve got more visibility into the broken areas of our companies and our society,” he said. “That makes people want to lean in and make it better.”

Yet a potential problem for financial leaders is that internal messaging will only get more muddled as the internet becomes more ingrained in our culture.

“Those things are going to start melting together,” Caleb argued. “We’re constantly being influenced by what’s happening outside the building.”

If leaders want to get ahead of future problems within their teams, they first need to step back and take a hard look at how they plan to handle exponential change.

“Create moments for self-reflection,” Caleb said. “See if the strategy as conceptualized is still going to work or not.”

By reviewing where we’ve been, we can gain a new perspective going forward.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why faster access to information is accelerating change (4:55)
  • The internet paradox and its influence on internal messaging (17:26)
  • Therapy, coaching, and their impact on emotional intelligence (28:35)

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