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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Drop Your Ego: Content Marketing and Lead Generation in the Digital Age (with Mark Lachance)

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Brief Summary of Episode #248

Digital marketers have been searching for the golden goose of lead generations on social media for years.

Fluid demographics, revolving trends, compliance - is advertising on social media worth the hassle?

Mark Lachance’s answer to that question, especially concerning TikTok: Absolutely.

“Advertisers need to go where the eyeballs are,” he said. “Do not discount TikTok as a channel for your ads.”

The CEO of Maxy Media and author of The Lucky Formula says his team ballooned from ten to 200 content creators because of successful lead generation on social media.

“I can show you millions of dollars in traffic we’re generating on all of those platforms: Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook,” Mark said. “Social media absolutely does work.”

So, what are marketers in the financial space doing wrong?

Mark argues that the key is understanding your entire funnel.

“If an institution wants to jump on any digital platform [for lead generations], they need to understand the full funnel - not just the top of the funnel,” he said.

By keeping their entire customer funnel top-of-mind, marketers can lead their financial brands or fintechs through digital growth.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Digital marketing trends on today’s social media platforms (3:50)
  • The ambiguity of content creation versus promotion (15:30)
  • How “luck” is a force you can stack in your favor (23:29)

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