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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Change: How It Looks, How It Feels, and How To Navigate It (with Todd Weiden)

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Brief Summary of Episode #311

Change is one of the trickiest things to navigate.

As an organization, as a member of a team, and as a human in general.

To make it through change and to real transformation it takes a level of understanding few have.

It's why this week we sat down with Todd Weiden, founder of Saltee Co. He's got an incredible perspective on the subject, and it's working.

“I realized early on is I was like, 'Hey team, like we're gonna be tripping on potholes. Like they're everywhere. There are potholes everywhere. So just know upfront you're gonna trip on them. But I do need you running and you're gonna trip and you're gonna break your nose. There's gonna be blood everywhere, but I need you to get back up. I need you to keep running'.”

Regardless of your approach to change for yourself or your business, one thing tends to be true for everyone. It’s messy.

There is however beauty and authenticity in embracing the experience and letting it strengthen not just your organization but the people within it.

When we put our people first the journey though sometimes awkward and uncomfortable is the catalyst to true success.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The challenge in “something different” and how to get people to adopt (21:45)
  • How navigating change can ultimately be what separates you from the crowd (25:07)
  • The emotions in transformation, the challenges, the wins (32:54)
  • And how the awkward can inevitably lead to the awesome (39:22)

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