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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

283. Starting from Within: The Personal Growth Journey to Digital Transformation (with Jeffery Kendall and Allison Netzer)

Brief Summary of Episode #283

As we get a chance to catch our breath in the post-Covid era, digital transformation is gaining some real momentum in the financial space.

Yet, risk aversion is still top-of-mind for many financial leaders, and change can be scary.

But you gain momentum by moving forward, and by embracing curiosity and collaboration, we can engage in transformation one step at a time.

“You get momentum from those small revolutions in the wheel as opposed to just hitting the gas,” said Allison Netzer, CMO and Chief Strategy Officer at NYMBUS.

In this episode of our Exponential Insights series, I’m joined by Allison and Jeffery Kendall, NYMBUS’s Chairman and CEO, to talk about gaining traction in transformational growth.

As Jeffery stated, if industry leaders want to move their organization forward in the digital age, they first have to look in the mirror.

“Transformation is about personal transformation first and foremost,” he said. “It’s about developing a new mindset.”

Every innovation began with someone taking one small step. By doing digital transformation, we can capture the winds of change in the sails of our customers and teams.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Mentally investing in a growth mindset and branding (6:17)
  • Why innovation is wired to an active mindset (17:00)
  • How periodically changing disciplines promotes curiosity (24:15)

Notable Quotables to Share