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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital Exploration: Finding Hidden Gold with Website Secret Shopping

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Brief Summary of Episode #382

Many financial brands are navigating the digital landscape with blind spots, as our research indicates that a staggering 85-90% of financial brands have never conducted a website secret shopping study, leaving them in the dark about user experience.

Imagine spending countless resources on designing and maintaining a digital platform, only to find out it doesn't resonate with your target audience or fails to convert visitors into account holders.

By evaluating your website through the eyes of prospective account holders, financial brands can uncover invaluable insights into user experience, identifying pain points and areas for optimization that were previously invisible.

This process does not require a complete overhaul of your website but focuses on strategic micro-optimizations that can lead to significant improvements in customer conversion and satisfaction. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Website secret shopping and for financial brands. (1:45)
  • Website optimization and user experience. (18:10)
  • Use cases and practical examples of website secret shopping. (27:33)