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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Direct Mail Marketing: Why the Mailbox is the New Inbox (with Dave Fink)

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Brief Summary of Episode #278

Direct mail marketing almost feels nostalgic in a world consumed by digital content.

Yet, direct mail is a practical alternative to bypass a crowded cyberspace and put your financial brand’s narrative right into consumers’ hands.

David Fink, CEO and Co-founder at Postie, argues that direct mail is an underutilized channel for leaning into your strengths.

“You can integrate direct mail into the positive and maximize incremental gains in the areas that are already working,” David said.

He believes people still appreciate a personalized, tangible approach to brand storytelling.

“It has direct measurement and can be an intimate way of connecting with a consumer,” David said.

But you can’t throw direct mail marketing in an analog bucket. By integrating your analog and digital communications, you can close your customers’ data gaps.

“The beauty of quantitative media is that the same individual you’re reaching through a mailbox is the same individual you’re reaching through your website,” David said.

What’s old is new again, as we discuss direct mail marketing in 2023. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why financial leaders often get stuck in the present moment (4:50)
  • Direct mail marketing’s transformation in the digital age (17:10)
  • How you can leverage direct mail in customer engagement (26:13)

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