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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Decoding Financial Decisions Through Emotional Market Research (with Grant Gooding)

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Brief Summary of Episode #361

Emotional triggers > rational analysis.

Selling financial products based on logical aspects (like APR) is not as effective as we might think.

Understanding the emotional triggers can help financial brands and fintechs craft messages that resonate deeply with their target audience, moving beyond the commoditized offers of rates and features.

Grant Gooding, founder and CEO of Proof Positioning, emphasizes that financial decisions are driven by the limbic system, our "dumb dumb brain," which overrides logical reasoning. This insight is revolutionary for the financial industry, where decisions are traditionally data-driven and logical.

Find your niche and speak directly to it. The power lies not in being everything to everyone but in being something special to someone.

Start by identifying the core emotional needs and values of your target segment. What do they truly care about? What makes them feel understood and valued?

Then, align your messaging, products, and services to meet those emotional needs.

The goal isn't to manipulate but to connect authentically and provide real value.

The financial brands and fintechs that understand and address the emotional journey of their customers will lead the way.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Understanding consumer behavior through neuroscience and research. (3:03)
  • Decision-making and marketing strategies in the financial industry. (7:06)
  • Emotional connections in financial branding. (16:55)