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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

From Distraction to Action: Energy Management for Digital Leaders

Drawing parallels between personal and professional metamorphosis and an iOS software upgrade, James Robert Lay and Audrey Cannata discuss the significant energy investment required for change, whether on a biological or cognitive level. Their attention shifts to the recognition of routine energy drains and the necessity of pinpointing their origins. Finally, they’ll evaluate the controllable aspects contributing to energy depletion and how to take proactive measures to thrive in the Age of AI.

This episode of the Digital Leadership series sets the groundwork for an exploration of approaches to energy management, emphasizing the interplay between self-awareness, behavioral tendencies, and effective energy conservation strategies.

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Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The Science of Energy and Change (13:50)
  • Practical Tools for Managing Energy: The Kolbe A Index (19:11)
  • Creating a Culture of Deep Work and No Meeting Fridays (32:42)