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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Components of Growth: Empathy, Patience, and Presence (with Justin Breen and Mark Fujiwara)

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Brief Summary of Episode #292

Growth of any kind is something we all chase but very few feel they’ve tapped into and even fewer fully  understand.

Mark Fujiwara and Justin Breen join us this week, both of whom share an amazing insight into how collaboration may just be one of the greatest keys to digital growth at your organization.

What does it take to truly grow in this day and age?

The answer is much more human than you might think given the world’s current obsession with AI. 

Surrounding yourself with the right people, dialing in the right mindset, and even thinking about how your presence is communicated to others, are all major keys to finding your way forward in 2023.

Each one of these is fundamentally important on a much larger scale but when we are directly correlating them to growth, what functions do they have?

Listen in as we break down not only these pieces but how transmuting pain into purpose might be a huge part of growing as well.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How your mindset can align you with the best or worst opportunities (8:45)
  • Principals matter. It's what will define your experience (13:30)
  • Presence plays a much bigger piece to success than you might think (19:42)
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with good people (32:14)