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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Coaching Through Connection: Human Connection Is The New Coach (with Cynthia Campbell)


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Brief Summary of Episode #305

If you are feeling lost and unsure in the current economic landscape, you're not alone.

The last few years have been an absolute whirlwind, and to have it "figured out" is a big ask.

The nice thing about all this is that we're in it together.

Today, we welcome Cynthia Campbell, Chief Experience Officer at BALANCE and financial counselor, to break down exactly what's happening in the world of finance today.

People are scared and overwhelmed, but there are solutions out there, and there are people waiting for the opportunity to help.

“People become suicidal over debt. We don't have to have debt as a death sentence. There's no reason for that. There are ways out, but people have shame. So we have to normalize the conversation around money shame.”

Cynthia mentions this terrible truth, but the silver lining is that there are those out there who want to help.

We just need to find each other.

Communication is fundamental.

And in finance, that's going to take a bit of vulnerability.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Flexibility and how it's more important than ever (3:05)
  • How imposter syndrome may be more common in the
    finance industry than you think (10:20)
  • Financial Counseling vs. Coaching: The Ins and Outs (18:03)

How to Connect With Cynthia Campbell