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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Financial Inclusion and Future Growth for Financial Brands (with Viola Llewellyn)

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Brief Summary of Episode #368

Financial inclusion is not just a concept.

It's a pathway to reshaping how we view prosperity and community engagement.

But the financial industry still grapples with the complexities of truly achieving financial inclusion, particularly with the impact of AI and digital transformation, which has lead to a digital divide.

Viola Llewellyn, the founder and CEO of The Tulle Box, joined the show to share how embracing a future-focused mindset, leveraging technology and innovative approaches drive financial inclusion.

Viola shares insights from her personal experiences and cultural background, relating them to the psychology of money and consumer behavior changes. 

She introduces a 5-level pyramid framework for understanding financial inclusion and advises financial institutions on fostering inclusion through internal training, customer engagement, and innovative product development.

This shift is not just beneficial but essential for sustainable growth in today's digital era.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Digital poverty, cultural beliefs, and financial inclusion. (9:13)
  • Effective policy regulation for growth and inclusion. (27:04)
  • Digital transformation, human-centered design, and value creation in finance. (36:39)