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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Harnessing Natural Strengths: The Power of the Kolbe Assessment (with Audrey Cannata)

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Brief Summary of Episode #333

Are you truly aware of how you naturally initiate action or solve problems? 

In this episode of the Banking on Digital Growth podcast, host James Robert Lay is joined by Audrey Cannata, Operations Lead at the Digital Growth Institute and certified Kolbe consultant. They discuss using the Kolbe A Index to better understand yourself and how you naturally take action. 

Contrary to common beliefs, Kolbe doesn't dissect personality, but delves deep into how one inherently takes action.

By understanding the three critical parts of the mind - cognitive, affective, and conative - individuals and teams can achieve exponential growth.

Learn how the conative aspect, our innate way of initiating action, is the key to preserving mental energy and achieving success.

Discover the symbiotic balance between different conative modes in teams, and how a better understanding can sidestep conflicts and enhance productivity.

Plus, unveil the prevalent modus operandi among financial brand leaders and the potential pitfalls of cognitive cloning.

This isn't just about assessment; it's about harnessing your natural tendencies and those of your team to foster a collaborative, efficient, and harmonious work environment. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Understanding the three parts of the mind: cognitive, affective, and conative (4:16)
  • Effective team building and leadership (12:17)
  • Navigating conative cloning and building confidence (16:27)