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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Beyond Banking: Applying Philosophy in AI, Marketing, and Leadership (with Nikos Ntirlis)

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Brief Summary of Episode #364

Does the word "philosophy" take you back to a monotonous college lecture that was a struggle to sit through?

Well, today's episode is set to change that perception.

We're not just talking about philosophy in the abstract; we're diving into how its ancient wisdom, surprisingly practical and relevant, can revolutionize the way banks, credit unions, and FinTech companies operate and thrive in this age of AI.

Nikos Ntirlis, RevOps Manager at Databox, brings a unique perspective on utilizing philosophical principles as a strategic asset.

Together, we'll uncover how philosophical thinking can empower you as a leader to guide your team confidently through the complexities and challenges of today's turbulent financial landscape.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Building reputation and trust through ethos, pathos, and logos. (7:24)
  • Long-term growth and measuring success in marketing. (14:23)
  • Reflection and self-awareness in personal and professional growth. (33:48)