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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Redefining Marketing's Role: Overcoming Perception Gaps for Future Growth (with John Huntinghouse)

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Brief Summary of Episode #351

Financial marketing and sales leaders often face a critical challenge: a perception gap rooted in outdated experiences and education.

The misalignment between marketing’s potential and the perceived role it plays within banks, credit unions, and fintech firms can lead to a disconnect with other business lines, undermining both internal collaboration and customer well-being.

In this episode of the Digital Growth Journeys series, James Robert Lay and John Huntinghouse VP of Marketing at TAB Bank, tackle this perception gap head-on

You'll learn how to harness ongoing learning to reshape perspectives, foster better relationships with business line leaders, and ultimately, how your marketing communications can positively impact customers' financial, physical, mental, and relational health. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Bridging the gap between marketing and business units (7:52)
  • Future growth and learning in the financial industry (15:15)
  • Time blocking and reshaping perspectives (37:27)