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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

376. Strategize to Win: Mapping Your Digital Growth Marathon (with Bryn Conway)

Brief Summary of Episode #376

Facing the challenge of a race, whether in athletics or in the competitive financial industry, requires more than just showing up.

Without a solid strategy, you're merely running without direction, risking not achieving your full potential in both physical races and financial growth.

Just as athletes wouldn't dream of tackling a marathon without comprehensive training, financial institutions that leap into market battles without a strategic plan are setting themselves up for failure.

Bryn Conway, principal at BC Consulting joins the show to help guide you through developing a winning strategy to elevate your financial brand.

We'll delve into the importance of aligning your actions with a thoughtful plan, examining the latest growth opportunities, and how to adapt in a transforming market.

Join us to discover how to not just run, but to race ahead effectively and efficiently in the financial industry.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Bridging the logical and emotional sides of marketing (10:28)
  • Empowering women through financial coaching and education (17:19)
  • Creating a safe space for employees to share their experiences (22:15)