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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Breaking Barriers: Embracing AI and Specialization for Marketing Growth

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Brief Summary of Episode #362

Many marketing teams within banks and credit unions struggle with integrating new technologies like AI and adapting to changing member behaviors.

Adam Remshifski, VP of Analytics and Digital Marketing at American Heritage Credit Union, shares his journey of evolving the marketing department to meet these modern demands.

However, adapting to these changes while maintaining growth is an ongoing struggle, especially as member behaviors and market dynamics continue to evolve.

In this episode of the Real Solutions series, we uncover valuable insights and real-world case studies to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and team expansion.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Marketing challenges and emerging technologies. (4:56)
  • Navigating change in financial services. (8:11)
  • Digital growth strategies for financial brands. (11:42)