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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Neo Banking: Giving the Freelance Community a Financial Home (with Oona Rokyta)

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Brief Summary of Episode #218

Banking is not one-size-fits-all.

Between COVID and the Great Resignation, many workers left their 9-5 to pursue their passions.

Over 50 million Americans are now self-employed or freelance contractors.

Oona Rokyta, CEO and co-founder of Lance.app, thinks we’ve only scratched the surface of people chasing their dream.

“I think we're just at the earliest stages of people really monetizing all of their interests and their hobbies and their passions,” she told me.

With so many people working for themselves, Oona and her team believed those workers deserved a financial brand that understood their needs.

“There was nothing in an app or in a banking setting on how to address multiple income streams or how to appropriately invest in different needs along the way.”

Today’s market is ripe for niche financial brands and fintech.

And neo-banking platforms like Oona’s are planting their flags in the ground.

Join us as we discuss banking for the self-employed and the future of niche neo-banking.

Together, we can pursue digital growth in a collaborative community.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The inspiration behind starting a bank for the self-employed (5:31)
  • Perspective around the collaboration of community in niche banking (24:54)
  • Coaching as a core competency in financial brands and fintech (33:34)

How to Connect With Oona Rokyta

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