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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Give and Grow: Building a Strategy Around Purpose (with Cathy Graham)

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Brief Summary of Episode #215

In a fast-moving industry like finance, the pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming.

Trying to keep up with the constant changes in tech and trends can exhaust even the most stalwart minds.

So, how can leaders help their employees from succumbing to the chaos?

Cathy Graham, Executive Vice President of Desert Financial Credit Union, believes communication and transparency are critical to preventing burnout. 

“Let’s talk about a plan,” Cathy said. “A plan that’s good enough to get started because it’s not fun to live in a world where you’re feeling that pressure.”

We often preach at DGI that progress is greater than perfection. So, what’s one of the biggest lessons that Cathy has learned in her digital growth journey? 

“There’s no such thing as a perfect strategy,” she told us. “I think putting people first is extremely important, especially when you talk about digital transformation.”

By embracing purpose-driven values, Cathy and the folks at Desert Financial have helped each other and their community in meaningful ways.

That is the power of giving and growing.

When we achieve personal and professional transformation simultaneously - that’s exponential growth.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Avoiding burnout in an often misplaced pursuit of perfection (5:51)
  • Why training programs are often an early victim of budget cuts (15:07)
  • Maintaining boundaries between personal and professional life (20:35)

How to Connect With Cathy Graham

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