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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Being Over Doing: Purpose-Driven Digital Transformation (with Rilla Delorier)

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Brief Summary of Episode #220

Leadership without purpose is like a ship without a rudder.

As Rilla Delorier, Board Director of Atlantic Union Bank, shared, true transformation and purpose go hand-in-hand.  

“I think purpose is, by nature, transformational,” Rilla said. “I think a clear purpose can help people at all levels of the organization.”

A purpose-driven mindset is a catalyst for positive performance for your employees and your bottom line.

“Purpose translates into action… and, ultimately, translates into income,” Rilla told us.

Purpose-driven transformation doesn’t happen overnight. A clear vision is needed to carry it to fruition. 

But, in time, it will pay dividends - personally and professionally.

“Sometimes, you need to be a little patient,” Rilla said. “You need to make investments that take a little while to pay off. But that’s where transformation comes from.”

By using purpose as a “North Star” to navigate the complexity of change, leaders can take ownership of the well-being of themselves, their teams, and their customers.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why purpose plays into digital growth for financial brands (6:04)
  • How purpose-driven transformation positively impacts the bottom line (19:37)
  • Leadership’s role in reassuring employees and customers (29:01)

How to Connect With Rilla Delorier

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