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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Strategy Before Structure: Navigating Future Growth for Your Financial Brand (with Ryan Canin)

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Brief Summary of Episode #336

In a dynamic financial landscape, ensuring a well-structured strategy before making structural changes is essential for enduring success.

Ryan Canin, the CEO and Co-founder of DocFox, a leading provider of commercial account opening software, joins the show to explore the biggest growth opportunities for financial brands when they commit to put strategy before structure along with the potential pains and pitfalls for those that fail to do so.

Ryan emphasizes the importance of defining clear objectives and strategies before adopting new technologies or selecting vendors as well as being actively involved in the market, learning from other players not to mimic their strategies, but to foster a culture of continuous learning and inspiration.

In a rapidly advancing world, dedicating significant time each week to learn, adapt, and keep pace with real-world advancements is crucial.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Banking strategies and vendor assessment (10:34)
  • Goal-setting and overcoming roadblocks for growth (16:50)
  • Innovation and learning in the banking industry (22:39)