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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

332. Unlocking Growth: How Technology is Changing the Financial Landscape (with Barry Kirby and Dave Buerger)

Brief Summary of Episode #332

The way people shop and buy financial products continues to transform because of technology.

And these shifts in consumer behavior also create an abundance of new growth opportunities for financial brand leaders who transform their perspective about where future growth might come from.

In this episode, Barry Kirby and Dave Buerger, co-founders of Union Credit, discuss the potential for future growth in the financial industry.

For financial brands to thrive in the digital age, a holistic approach that encompasses adaptation to technology-driven consumer behaviors, focus on enhancing customer experience, and fostering collaboration is imperative.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How the 2008 recession allowed other industries to surge ahead in digital experiences while financial services struggled (5:45)
  • The rise of fintech competitors and their impact on traditional institutions (13:00)
  • The importance of building consumer trust and focusing on their needs (31:30)