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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

206. Third-Party Data: A Future Without Cookies

Brief Summary of Episode #206

2022 marks the beginning of the end for the controversial marketing tool that is the internet cookie.

Financial brands have relied on this data-mining tool for years, but now that it’s going away how can they accommodate for the loss of this goldmine of information?

In this episode of our Inside Digital Growth series, I break down the historical context of third-party data and what its demise means for the future of digital transformation.

I answer several questions from you, the dear listener, about what the death of cookies means for banks and credit unions in the long term.

Without having a clear path for targeting ads, financial brands will need to adopt a broader approach to marketing.

Optimizing SEO will be a top priority going forward. Marketing will have to challenge themselves to produce top-tier content to attract prospective clients.

So, what else can financial institutions do to smoothly transition into a cookieless world?

They must seek opportunities for first-party outreach.

Through dialogue and discourse, we can gain insight into our customer’s needs. By making mental deposits through direct interaction, we can make strides in digital growth.

And that, my friends, is a far sweeter reward than any cookie — virtual or home baked.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What dwindling accessibility of third-party data means for banks (5:48)
  • How financial brands can transition away from third-party data (8:31)
  • New data-mining opportunities FIs should be looking for (13:15)

Notable Quotables to Share