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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

238. Strategic Planning: A Prescription for Common People Problems

Brief Summary of Episode #238

“Who should have a seat at the table during strategic planning season?”

That was one of several great questions from our dear listeners in the latest episode of our Inside Digital Growth series.

As we head into 2023, more financial leaders are rejecting the “seasonal” mindset of strategic planning in favor of an open strategy focused in the present moment.

By inviting frontline staff, account holders, and even competition into the strategic planning process, we can provide clarity in the complexity of financial stress.

After all, no one person has all the answers.

Remember, you’re not necessarily bringing in these internal and external stakeholders in the literal sense.

Rather, it is their thinking that you should invite to the conversation.

By taking a collaborative approach to strategic planning, we can avoid roadblocks that hinder our path forward as we work to free our clients from financial anxiety.

So, please join me as we answer more of your burning questions about strategic planning in 2023 and beyond! 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Top priorities for credit unions and banks as they plan for the future (12:19)
  • Measuring progress and outcomes after your plan is set in motion (26:38)
  • The economy’s current state and its impact on future strategy (34:50)

Notable Quotables to Share