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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Blending Continuous Learning and Digital Innovation in the Financial Industry (with Natalie VanderVegt)

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Brief Summary of Episode #338

In this episode of the Digital Growth Journeys series, James Robert Lay and Natalie VanderVegt, Member Outreach and Engagement Manager at Salal Credit Union, discuss the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the financial industry, amidst digital transformations.  

Through engaging in Digital Growth University, Natalie’s team found that technology augments rather than replaces human capabilities, encouraging a culture of learning and problem-solving.

Their discussion highlights that investing in learning is crucial for long-term growth, similar to making a financial deposit for future returns.

In enhancing member service at credit unions, Natalie and James Robert explored the intersection of human expertise and technology.

They propose creating replicable yet personalized training programs, possibly facilitated by AI tools like Chat GPT, to uphold a high standard of member service while improving operational efficiency.

Through this blended approach, they foresee a promising path toward addressing challenges and leveraging digital tools to better serve members and foster a culture of continuous growth.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Augmenting vs. replacing when it comes to automation and AI. (13:32)
  • Training and education for bank and credit unions leaders. (19:29)
  • Using AI language models in education and finance. (25:08)