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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Learning and Doing: A Look at How Change and Transformation Start With the Basics (with Jaime Punishill)

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Brief Summary of Episode #302

This week we had an amazing conversation with Jaime Punishill, Chief Marketing Officer at nCino.

We discussed the importance of transformation and change, how to encourage and nurture innovation and growth, and how to apply these models to any industry.

Jamie shares insights from his own experiences with nCino, and how a positive perspective on experimenting and “learning while doing” has lead to exponential growth. We also talk about how to apply these models of transformation in any industry, and the importance of identifying opportunities for change.

“I always think about change management as the process and activities we have to do to support the journey of growth and transformation.”

Jamie is absolutely correct on this front and that journey of growth is one of the key pieces to leveling up your bank, credit union, or financial brand.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Insights into transformation and change Jaime has experienced with nCino (3:45)
  • How positive encouragement and learning can lead to exponential growth (13:09)
  • The necessity of identifying opportunities for change (19:26)
  • How to apply some of these models of transformation in any industry (36:37)