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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Guiding Through Uncertainty: Financial Brands as Beacons of Trust and Assurance (with Rilla Delorier)

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Brief Summary of Episode #331

The rise of AI and machine learning to offer a personalized banking experience is undeniable, but a recent study revealed an intriguing insight.

A segment of customers, despite being digitally-oriented, still prefers human interaction for their banking needs.

Here's why:  

Lack of Trust: Many customers, as they navigate through their banking app, simultaneously call the bank. The underlying reason? A distrust in the currentness of the app-data.  

Unclear information: Often, the transaction details in the apps are vague, leading to confusion. Customers end up seeking a human representative's help to clarify these ambiguities.  

In this episode of the Heart of Growth series on the Banking on Digital Growth Podcast, Rilla Delorier, an Independent Board Director for Nymbus, joins the show to discuss the solution for this digital vs. humanity struggle.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How financial brand can boost morale and energize teams, even when working remotely (7:40)
  • Embracing new technologies like AI to enhance employees' abilities to serve customers, (18:16)
  • The power of bankers collaborating to solve problems and share solutions instead of just competing (37:30)