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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital Secret Shopping Studies: Stop Giving Your Leads an Excuse to Leave (with Audrey Cannata)


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Brief Summary of Episode #303

When was the last time you visited your financial brand’s website?

Better yet, have you ever tried opening a checking account on your site or applied for a loan?

If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re not alone.

The fact is the overwhelming majority of financial leaders have never conducted a digital secret shopping study on their website to determine gaps in the customer experience.

“It's really the only way you can truly discover what's in the minds of your consumers when it comes to analyzing customer or sales experience,” Audrey Cannata said. 

The Operations Lead at the Digital Growth Institute argued that most lost conversions come from a lack of trust.

Audrey argues that financial brands can lay a foundation for trust by providing clarity.

“You can have a beautiful site. You can have the most friendly and warm feelings, but if there is confusion, you lose credibility immediately.”

By gathering qualitative data through a user-generated study, organizations can smooth out the friction points turning potential customers away.

And they can start with a tiny nibble at a time.

Hear how digital secret shopping studies can help your financial brand gain an outsider’s perspective and start converting more leads today!


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How failure to follow-up contributes to lead abandonment (8:18)
  • Finding truth in qualitative and quantitative customer data (19:17)
  • Two questions every digital secret shopping study should ask (28:06)