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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Stop Scaling Mediocrity: Curating Confidence Through Video in the Age of AI (with Ethan Beute)

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Brief Summary of Episode #296

Regenerative AI is still the talk of marketing teams industry-wide, but not always for positive reasons.

Alongside the awe-inspiring promise of AI tools like ChatGPT is a barrage of comatose content polluting the digital space.

Eventually, people are going to start tuning it out.

“Noise makes attention hard to get. Pollution makes trust hard to build,” Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, said.

The co-author of Human-Centered Communication returned for this episode of our Exponential Insights series to discuss ChatGPT and the future of video.

While Ethan believes ChatGPT has incredible potential, he cautioned financial leaders against leaning on it for reliable answers.

“A calculator that’s right 95 percent of the time is not very useful,” he said.

Heavy reliance on AI may cause customers to doubt the authenticity of many financial brands’ messaging going forward, even if only subconsciously.

As the line between automation and human-generated marketing content becomes more blurred, video will become the great differentiator.

“When you’re trying to build relationships and convey confidence and expertise… you need video to close that gap and satisfy a deep, evolved, millennia-old human need,” Ethan argued.

Trusted relationships will be the crown jewel of marketing in the Age of AI. Tune in to learn how video can help you build them.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How video builds trust and differentiates your brand (8:02)
  • Communicating confidence in commercial relationships (22:07)
  • The dangers of producing AI-generated video at scale (35:54)

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