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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Building a Revenue-Generating Website For Your Financial Brand

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Brief Summary of Episode #316

Your website should be an important asset for your financial brand.

It should be a lead-generating engine that brings in business and delivers a seamless experience for your customers.

Unfortunately, many financial institutions and brands are still underfunding their website investments.

They still view it as an information source instead of a lead-generating asset.

They also end up building websites based on requirements set by the leadership team. This misdiagnosis leads to misinformed decisions based on assumptions of what financial brands “think” they need.

How do you fix this? It all comes down to mindset and perspective.

View the digital experience through the lens of your customers and their buying journey.

Understand the challenges that they are currently facing with your brand, and find ways to address these.

Lead generation should be the key priority of your website, regardless of whether that lead converts online or offline.

Digital growth is paramount to this process and consists of a collaboration between marketing, sales, and other business units that strive to improve the overall online experience that customers have with your financial brand.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Digital retail experience successes and failures of retail giants (01:57)
  • Why financial brands are still underfunding their website investments (13:09)
  • How to build a website that sells for your financial brand (18:02)