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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Key Lessons from a CMO's Journey to Building a New Financial Brand Website

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Brief Summary of Episode #327

Lisa, a CMO for a financial brand, got a surprise text from her CEO: "We need a new website." Sounds familiar, right? On this episode of Banking on Digital Growth Podcast, I'll share Lisa's story, the challenges she faced, and the lessons learned. 

Lisa's been doing great things for her community, but the challenge of updating a website amidst internal opinions and constrained budgets is... overwhelming.

Fast forward, 18 months later, the website is launched but the cycle repeats.

During a recent workshop, I realized Lisa's story resonates with many.


Because many face the same problems, the same gaps in understanding the user experience, and the same reactive marketing approach.

The key?

We need to look outside. To understand consumer behavior, we need studies like digital secret shopping which most financial brands aren't doing.

If Lisa's story strikes a chord or you've been through a similar path, there's a brighter side. You can rewrite your narrative, by understanding both the quantitative (big data) and qualitative (thick data) insights from your site.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The challenges of building a website for your financial brand: Lisa's tale (2:05)
  • The role of key internal stakeholders and their perspectives (11:48)
  • The cost of ignoring human behavior in building websites (20:47)