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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Ditching “No, Because” for “Yes, And”: Staying Positive in Uncertain Times (with Eric Cook)

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Brief Summary of Episode #263

As financial brands turn the page to a new year, questions and doubts abound as we look ahead to uncertain economic times.

Yet, exciting possibilities in digital transformation await as digital banking and AI tools continue to break new ground.

So, how do leaders in a historically risk-averse industry embrace a positive growth mindset in this shaky economy?

“It relates back to the human element… that’s willing to innovate and take a risk,” Eric Cook, Founder & Chief Mentor of The LinkedBanker, told us.

Eric, who prides himself as a “recovering banker,” argues financial leaders need to circumvent the path of least resistance and seize change.

“When something doesn’t succeed, look at it as the tuition of education and learn and move forward,” he said.

Progress, not perfection, is how we’ll move forward in the digital age.

“Allow people the time and the support to say, ‘You know what, that’s okay that it wasn’t a success,’” Eric said. “But look at what we learned.”

By opening a dialogue with their employees and communities, financial brand leaders can steer their brands in positive growth regardless of the challenges that lie before us.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why banking leaders tend to shun a positive growth mindset (9:46)
  • Valuing progress over perfection in digital innovation (21:21)
  • ChatGPT and the future of AI toolkits (27:56)

How to Connect With Eric Cook

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