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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why Chaotic Times Call for Human-Centered Design (With Anne Legg)

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Brief Summary of Episode #23

It’s hard to ignore the fact that we’re sliding into a recession.

And your financial brand’s members will be impacted. 

How can you help in the midst of unprecedented times? 

In today’s episode, Anne Legg, Founder at THRIVE Strategic Services, shares the top actions financial brands can take to navigate these turbulent times. 

That’s why now more than ever, Anne is an advocate for Human-Centered Design. 

Your customers are uncertain. 

Their financial situations are changing. They may be facing evictions. They might have less than $400 in their bank account. 

The answer is innovation. 

But innovation isn’t some one-time spark of genius. It’s a capability that you can build into your organization. 

It’s using all the tools in your toolbox to make your customers’ lives better. 

And it’s happening all over the world in these uncertain times. 

Take the credit unions who are offering customers the ability to skip a payment. 

That extra $200 for that one month could make all the difference in the world to someone. 

Look at your data. Talk with your customers. Find the friction points and solve them. 

If you want to succeed in turbulent times, help your customers succeed. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Innovation in a crisis
  • The 4 problems you need to solve for customers
  • Human-Centered Design

How to Connect With Anne Legg

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