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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Know Thyself: How Financial Leaders Can Leverage Conative Self-Awareness (with Ross Slater)

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Brief Summary of Episode #298

It’s been only weeks since the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, and one word is still top-of-mind for financial leaders and consumers alike — confidence.

“The only difference between being in a robust economy versus being in a recession or depression is the overall summary of confidence in the marketplace,” Ross Slater said. “Confidence is everything.”

So how does the Partner and VP at Reach Capabilities think leaders and their teams can regain their confidence?

If you know yourself, then anything is possible. If you don't know yourself, then you're really going blind,” Ross said.

Self-awareness is critical to team cohesion and development. That’s why Ross is a big believer in — and certified consultant for — the Kolbe Index.

Kolbe measures a person’s conative, or natural problem-solving, skills. And everyone gets a perfect score.

That’s because the worst solutions are the ones left unspoken.

“This is about how you solve problems and be provably more effective,” Ross said.

In this episode of our Exponential Insights series, learn how you can incorporate the Kolbe Index to maximize your team’s confidence in overcoming tomorrow’s obstacles together. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why our conative abilities matter in professional team chemistry (8:19)
  • When conative cloning can harm your long-term outlook (18:36)
  • The future of prompt engineering in AI language learning models (29:14)

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