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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Story-Selling: Targeting Your Audience Through Decentralized Communication (with Sarah Cooke)

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Brief Summary of Episode #240

Decentralized marketing has been trending upward for years now.

With so many omnichannel opportunities for brand storytelling, it’s easy for marketing teams to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

And in the sales team’s efforts to chase lead generations, the intended message can get lost.

That’s why Sarah Cooke, Founder of Cooke Consulting Solutions, argues that sales and marketing first must build a strong relationship.

“You have to lay the groundwork first… Sales and marketing have to respect each other’s abilities and trust each other,” Sarah said.

Communication, both external and internal, is a critical piece for sustainable digital growth, so much so that Sarah has put it at the forefront of her vernacular.

“I tend to use ‘communications’ rather than ‘marketing’ because, when people hear ‘marketing,’ they’re thinking ‘ad placements.’”

After all, open communication is the vehicle for building trust, which is the foundation for every relationship.

“You don’t walk up to somebody and say, ‘Will you marry me?’”, Sarah adds. “You say, ‘Hello.’ You introduce yourself.”

With a solid communications strategy, banks and credit unions can make an exponential leap forward in digital transformation.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How strategic expectations can fall short in execution (6:43)
  • The innovation falloff rate in decision-making biases (15:08)
  • Why data is so crucial to execution (25:25)

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