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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Purpose Can Power Your Financial Brand Internally

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Brief Summary of Episode #42

The branding for most financial brands is just BS.

It's pretty pictures and colorful logos. 

It's shiny, happy stock people on websites. 

It's not real life. 

When banking on purpose, branding must transcend these shallow images. And in today's digital economy, your financial brand's purpose is the brand itself. 

Purpose can absolutely create value and elevate your financial brand.

It's why you do what you do. 

But your "why" may run no deeper than those pretty pictures you might have on your website if your purpose is not backed up by proof and by process.

You develop a process by knowing your "how." Customer experience is made up of just that, a set of processes, all working together.

How do you make your stakeholders — external and internal — feel with your processes? 

You can position your financial brand around a purpose that elevates people both internally and externally as you commit to put the transformation of people over commoditized transactions.

Be bold.

Commit to making your purpose your North Star, your guiding light. Guide people on a path that creates a bigger, better, brighter future for them.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why purpose-driven thinking is key for internal stakeholders
  • The four elements of a purpose statement
  • The story of Aspiration, a purpose-driven financial brand that began in 2015 and has raised $100 million in capital