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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Educating & Creating a Better Customer Experience within Banking (with Paul Long)

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Brief Summary of Episode #107

When applying for a business or home loan, what is your experience with the process? 

Is it straightforward or complicated? 

Think of how different the experience could be if there were engaging videos and other learning opportunities to help you feel confident about the agreement you’re trying to make.

When business feels “good enough,” it can lead to a decline in customer experience. Providing new ways to educate customers and make the banking process easier should not only be looked at as advantageous to the success of the bank, but as a reminder that helping the customer is the first priority. 

Paul Long, Senior Vice President - Business Banking & SBA Lending at Timberland Bank, discusses his approach to providing customers with a first-rate digital experience and always giving more than he will ever get back.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • 4 Pillars of Personal Growth for the Commercial Banker
  • The 3 Different Kinds of Bankers
  • The Princess Problem & How to Deal w/ a Surplus of Business
  • A Proactive VS. Reactive Stance to Business  
  • Investing in Videos and Podcasts w/ the Intention to Educate
  • Balancing ROI and Content Production
  • Actionable Advice from Paul to the Listeners

How to Connect With Paul Long

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