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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Ask Three Questions, Generate 10X Digital Growth

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Brief Summary of Episode #9

What if you could generate 10X more loans and deposits by asking 3 questions?

Caveat: They’re hard questions about fear and uncertainty.

You’d still give it a try, right?

Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, insights from Banking on Digital Growth have the power to supercharge your financial brand’s growth potential.

Okay, the questions...

1. Are you stuck in a circle of chaos?

Don’t just answer yes because of the pandemic.

Analyze the environmental changes happening around digital.

If they make you confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed, you’re probably in the circle.

2. How are the 4 fears affecting your growth potential?

  • Fear of the unknown: What should we do next?
  • Fear of change: Why change if we were successful in the past?
  • Fear of failure: What will they think if I mess up?
  • Fear of success: What happens if this actually works?

Do some deep introspection.

Identify which fear dominates your attitude toward digital growth.

3. What’s your plan now?

After acknowledging the environmental necessity for digital growth and recognizing what has been holding you back, you need a strategy for moving forward with courage and confidence.

I’m going to share strategies (and explain why you can expect 10X growth) on the next podcast episode.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • If you’re the hero of your narrative, you’re doing it wrong
  • Why the soft skills of empathy and EQ matter more in digital now than ever
  • Up until now, if you’ve only dabbled in digital it’s probably because you’re afraid
  • 3 hard questions about your digital growth plan