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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

What to Do When Leadership Doesn’t Set Clear Goals (with Abby Boggs-Johnson)

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Brief Summary of Episode #127

Finance leaders: It’s time to get out of your own way.

When was the last time you approached anything with genuine curiosity, without any fears or concerns about consequences that you haven’t even faced yet?

I thought so.

You’re not alone though; it’s an adult thing.

Between infancy and adulthood we lose our sense of curiosity and wonder.

The dire consequence of this: We stop asking questions. 

This can be catastrophic for leaders in financial companies; if we’re not asking questions, we’ll never know for sure if we’re on the right path to meet the right targets.

Abby Boggs-Johnson, Digital Marketing Officer at Western State Bank is one professional who’s reaping the rewards of holding onto her curiosity throughout her adult life.

We learned quite a bit from her in the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth, like how leaders can go about defining what matters most to them.

It seems simple enough, but it’s not.

The best thing you can do is wipe your slate clean and rebuild your definitions of metrics and KPIs while you listen to this episode.

Abby includes a powerful application of the GRO (growth, roadblocks and opportunities) framework.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The pros and cons of starting with a blank slate
  • How to think about metrics and KPIs
  • How to use the GRO (growth, roadblocks, opportunities) framework as a map for your digital growth journey

How to Connect With Abby Boggs-Johnson

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