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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why You Need to Double Down On Content Now (With Michael Bertini)

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Brief Summary of Episode #17

There’s a lot of unease about marketing in the COVID-19 world.

But there really shouldn’t be. 

Content is king. It always has been. 

And your financial brand should be doubling down on it right now. 

To find out how, I invited Michael Bertini, Online Marketing Consultant & Search Strategies at iQuanti, onto this episode to share his insights into the content strategies that really work. 

If you’re looking for some magical goose to lay top-of-google-search eggs every time… 

Sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t one. You just need to get the content out there. 

Relevant content. Quality content. Helpful content. 

Even without some secret sauce, there are ways you can make your content game stronger and easier.

Michael shared 2 things anyone can start doing today. 

1. Hire freelancers

There are so many skilled writers out there working remotely — especially now — and it’s worth paying them for the rewards you’ll reap from the content. 

2. Google Trends

Anyone can use Google trends to see what kind of content they should be producing, from top-level content strategists to plumbers. 

Content is king. And now is the time to double down.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why content is still king
  • How to implement an agile content strategy (hint: freelancers)
  • Why there are no tricks, secret sauces or golden eggs

How to Connect With Michael Bertini

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