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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

KEG Culture: On Tap Credit Union’s Recipe For Growth (with Janelle Herrera)

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Brief Summary of Episode #139

Everyone has that one thing in their family that they cook better than anyone else.

It’s your family’s “secret recipe”.

But your financial brand shouldn’t be tightly locked away like nana’s recipe for the world’s best apple pie.

It should be something everyone can appreciate and enjoy- sharable.

Just like a great recipe.

Good ingredients aren’t enough, knowing how to combine them correctly counts, too.

Every great marketer knows this, including Janelle Herrera, our next guest.

As the VP of Marketing and Business Development at On Tap Credit Union, she has continually improved her recipe for digital marketing success.

Janelle and I will take you into our test kitchen today on this episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

Tie your apron tight, grab your favorite spatula, and listen to Banking On Digital Growth wherever you get your podcasts.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The foundations and growth paths for credit union marketing
  • A healthy approach to automation and iteration
  • The importance of reaching out to experts and asking questions

How to Connect With Janelle Herrera 

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