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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Creating Value Through Focus in the Finance Industry (with Bradley Leimer)

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Brief Summary of Episode #108

Do you feel like your bank has your best interests in mind?

If not, what would you like to see big financial institutions do differently to change the sentiment that the consumer comes second? 

Or, like many, have you decided it’s a little too late—now looking at alternatives to solve your banking needs?

Empathy, diversity & valuing the consumer are all at the core of why many big banks are losing out to smaller financial institutions. For too long, banking staples have put profit over the consumer experience and people are taking notice. 

Bradley Leimer, Founder of Unconventional Ventures, discusses pain points for traditional banks and strategies to adopt a new empathetic approach.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Going Beyond Good in Financial Services
  • Opportunities of Innovating w/ Empathy for Financial Brands
  • Inclusivity & Losing Community in Big Banking
  • How to Be Profitable w/ Purpose
  • Roadblocks for Financial Brands to Adopt a Consumer-First Approach
  • Actionable Step for the Listeners

How to Connect With Bradley Leimer

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