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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How to Turn Your Customers into Superfans! (with Brittany Hodak)

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Brief Summary of Episode #131

The 20 question customer experience survey is dead. 


The ones that don’t reward the customer for their efforts are.

And good riddance!

If the digital transformation has taught us anything, it’s that we can no longer work under the assumption that a customer will be altruistic to a company that gives them nothing in return.  

Customer service is a two-way street.

Brittany Hodak, Chief Experience Officer at Experience.com, joins the show today to talk about the superfan: A customer or employee that’s not only fond of your product or service, but acts as an advocate for your company — spreading awareness and bringing in more superfans. 

But the only way to get a superfan is to be a superfan of them. Answer customer complaints swiftly, reward them for feedback, and be on the lookout for gaps in the customer journey. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why siloes and poor employee experience inevitably lead to a poor customer experience
  • Why customer expectations are not just set by you or your direct competitors, but every other brand
  • How you can gain better feedback and customer insights by ditching the outdated surveys

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