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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

A Shared Language: Digital Growth Is a Team Sport (with Tiffani Davis)

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Brief Summary of Episode #129

There’s no easy way to say it: 

Banks have been lazy. 

Acceleration from the COVID-19 pandemic, paired with Fintech, is waking banks up to financial possibilities.

And our guest today isn’t one to miss out on an opportunity to make banking better for her customers. 

Tiffani Davis, Vice President, Manager of Client Experience at Centier Bank, joins the show to talk all about bank coaching.

Think: personal trainer but for your wallet. 

So many in banking are worried automation will replace them. 

Tiffani not only soothes those worries, she explains just how those extra hours you’ve saved from automation have freed you up to call customers... and give them the experience they deserve.

Stop focusing on what you’re losing to automation and start focusing on what you’re gaining from all of the extra time. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

    • Why financial brands have historically been slow to innovate  and why that has to change
    • The value of education, community and a shared language around digital growth 
    • How automation frees you from the mundane and allows you to deliver a more human experience

How to Connect With Tiffani Davis

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