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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Marketing Automation: Data-Driven or Death by Data? (with Kristin Harrison)

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Brief Summary of Episode #116

Less is more, right?

And yet, for some reason, we don’t apply this to data.

Somewhere in the quest to collect any and all data — just in case — we’ve forgotten why we took those first crucial steps on the road to automation.

Thankfully some time with Kristin Harrison helped to clear things up, and reminded us why data quality and usefulness is more important than data volume.

As the Director Of Business Development at Webstrategies Inc., Kristin leads the way on data-driven digital marketing.

In fact, that’s just a part of what she does.

Kristin is a sage of using automation to weave together marketing, sales and every other part of a business.

Her special sauce: knowing what to automate, what data is worth collecting and how to use it in the business context.

Collecting and storing data costs money: how much are you willing to drop down the rabbit hole with no returns?

That figure is probably already more than you’d be comfortable with in reality, because you’re collecting data that doesn’t serve your business.

Why would you want to keep paying for something that would never deliver a return?

Find out how to navigate data-driven marketing in a way that makes business sense.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How a data-driven mindset leads us out of the cave of complacency 
  • The importance of marketing automation
  • How to foster alignment between sales, marketing, and the rest of your organization 

How to Connect With Kristin Harrison 

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