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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Digital Growth: A Travelogue (with Deborah Lumpkin)

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Brief Summary of Episode #120

Digital growth is like mountaineering.

It can be daunting at the start.

You need a lot of effort to get started in overcoming resistance and inertia.

You can even lose sight of the summit along the right path toward it.

But who could deny the magic of that view from the peak?

My next guest, Deborah Lumpkin, Senior Partner at Centier Bank, shares the best parts of her digital growth journey in the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

That journey to peak digital performance is rarely a straight line.
But when the right parts of the right processes are online, automated and synchronized, none of that seems to matter.

Learn how Deborah’s team reached their digital peak by:

  • Sharing responsibility for progress across departments
  • Using content strategically
  • Structuring teams appropriately.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why content is the key to digital growth success
  • How to structure your teams for digital growth
  • How to align your teams and have them marching in tandem on a shared digital growth journey

How to Connect With Deborah Lumpkin

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